I have been working with Jo for a couple of years now and although I might be an ongoing project, I sure do feel better.

Referred to by a friend, I finally made a decision to see if I could help my aching back after years of riding my horses. I was quite skeptical but after every session I felt better and stronger. She stretches and maneuvers my body in ways I simply can't do on my own. The exercises given are also a maintenance program for me to keep limber with stronger muscles.

Does my back still go out? Yes. But she is a reliable savior and always manages to keep me from feeling debilitated. Sticking to the program is key for me. And stick to it I will.

–Alexandra Linton

I first hired Jo to help me train during pregnancy. Her training was invaluable for the experience of giving birth. I felt strong and safe with what i had learned. She also knew how to push me to work to my best level, but stay within healthy boundaries. A few years later, Jo helped me again, this time in staying strong through chemotherapy treatments. She was knowledgeable, empathic, and respectful of my limits. Again, she knew how to both push me to be my best under difficult circumstances. I have immense respect for Jo, her knowledge of physiology, and her communication skills. I highly recommend her work.

–Michele Disco

Jo is an innovative and creative entrepreneur. She is forthright, hard working, and cooperative. It was a pleasure to work with her on projects
–Jack Gernsheimer, Principal/Creative Director, Partners Design

Jo is wonderful, experienced and extremely motivational. If you want a toned, beautiful body and improved good health she is the trainer for you. She has incorporated the best of weight training, yoga, Pilates moves, kick boxing and Plyometrics for a winning workout session.
–Marlena Wood, Senior Vice President, Cororan Realty

I had worked out with other personal trainers before finding Jo, but I will never switch again. Jo really listened to what my person goals were and put together a program to help me achieve them. She has continually added new exercises to my routine so I am constantly challenged. I have lost pounds and inches and I am in great shape. Working out with Jo is like working out with your best friend. She comes to your house and before you know it the hour is up. I have wholeheartedly recommended Jo to both my friends and colleagues and will continue to do so.
–Deborah Leibman Bernstein, Director of Creative Services, Corcoran Realty Group Marketing

I trained with Jo during my pregnancy, and she was wonderful. She set up a safe, fun yet challenging program that kept me very fit. Due to my work out with her, she saved me from having a C-section. I had a fever when it was time for me to push, and my doctor didn't believe I could do it. I insisted that I had been in training for this event and was very strong, When the time came, I amazed everyone and pushed my baby out in 20 minutes.
–Catherine Nemser, President, Bluepoint Communications

Working out with Jo De George has changed my attitude about exercise, positively impacting my health and quality of life. As a busy executive, I was dissatisfied with my body, too self-conscious to go to a gym and frustrated by training schedules. Jo's accommodation of my changing schedule and her commitment to fun workouts was a welcome relief. Her changing exercise plan keeps me from getting bored and ensures we cover all muscle groups. She has developed routines designed to address my particular types of stress and muscle weakness. I used to hate having to exercise; now I look forward to our next session. Jo taught me to enjoy running, a feat that I would have bet against before employing Jo.
–Jody Hancock, eONE Global, London Office