Jo’s Method

Satisfying results. 

Pick a program that works for you...(and it will):

1) SPECIALIZED INFUSION METHOD of Weight Training, Pilates, Yoga and Core Strengthening.
You will truly see amazing results
The DeGeorgeDynamic Method is a unique training method that strengthens and sculpts the body by combining the use of your own body weight along with free weights, bands, body bars, sliders and cardio.  Each programs is individualized for your success.  

2) 50+ FINALLY SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTANDS YOUR NEEDS. Lose the stubborn fat and get the tone you want. Individual programs geared for your specific needs and lifestyle. This program really works.
Remarkable results are achieved by taking the individual through a specially sequenced exercise program that produces muscle confusion and taps into PHA (peripheral heart action – cardio).  As a result, the technique prompts the development of long, lean sculpted muscles and produces maximum fat burning results.  Your body becomes leanstrong and balanced

3) SUPER STRETCHING PROGRAM like no other. Targets hips, back, legs neck and shoulders. Each program is unique. You’ve never stretched like this before.

4) 75+ SENIOR FUNCTIONALITY PROGRAM. Oh, yes, you can! This program focuses on balance, strength and increased range of motion. Become more INDEPENDENT and FEEL SAFER and STRONGER every day. My oldest client is 93 and he works out with weights 4 times a week – indeed :)

5) NUTRITIONAL GUIDANCE. I am a fully accredited Vegan Nutritionist. Let me help you convert to a plant-based lifestyle that is not only nutritious but delicious. Get ready to let some of your meds go, to sleep better, and to have increased energy. I'll even take you food shopping.

6) INDIVIDUALIZED PROGRAMS JUST FOR YOU. I will personally adapt any of the above-mentioned programs to suit your desired results and meet your specific goals.

7) THERAPEUTIC CONDITIONING (“post”-physical therapy): Concentrating on knee, shoulder, elbow, back, etc.