Jo De George – MS, CETI, IDEA, Vegan Nutritionist

Master Trainer Jo De George is the founder of the degeorgedynamic Method of Training. She has over 25 years of solid one-on-one experience.

  • ACE Certified Master Trainer

  • Masters in Physical Sciences and Kinesiology

  • With degrees in Physical Sciences from Marymount Manhattan and Hunter Colleges

  • CETI Certification to work with cancer patients

  • 50+, 60+ Fat Loss/Toning Program
    (there's plenty more of life ahead: look fabulous and feel great)

  • 75+ Functionality Program
    (balance and strengthening for a safe life)

  • Creator of Walk/Talk Program for the NY City Parks Department

  • Sustainable Vegan Nutritional Guidance Program
    (I'll even take you food shopping)

Jo DeGeorge, MS, CETI, IDEA