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Welcome to the degeorgedynamic web site.
You are cordially invited to experience the incomparable degeorgedynamic methods of training.

Jo De George has designed eight specific programs for the discerning individual
who expects remarkable results from his/her fitness program.

Jo’s Philosophy

Make the most of your body for the rest of your life,
and enjoy the benefits of age-defying fitness.  

Whether you have never exercised before or are in great shape, whether you are overweight or fit and trim, whether you are 35 or 95, one of the eight degeorgedynamic programs can help you achieve your optimum fitness goals.  Because the degeorgedynamic plans are flexible programs, they incorporate a variety of workout techniques and are geared to accommodate every body type, fitness level, and age group. The programs are progressive and they really work. Each one is individualized for your success.